Home Bazaar products are both decorative & fully functional. Intended for outdoor use. All items satisfy the most stringent birding enthusiast’s requirements.

Product Features

  • Removable walls for easy cleaning
  • Real shingled roofs in either pine or red cedar
  • Ventilation and drainage
  • Unpainted interiors
  • .25” hole openings, excluding Purple Martin (2.125”), Bluebird houses (1.50”) and Wren houses (1.125″), constructed to accommodate common cavity dwellers such as; Wrens, Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Titmice.
  • The feeders will attract all types of wild birds, the species is dependent upon on the type of seeds that are being are put in the birdfeeder.


 Construction of birdhouses and feeders

  • Exterior grade ply-board for the walls, floor and underlying roof board
  • Kiln-dried hardwoods, pine and poly-resin for the details
  • Western Red Cedar or Pine shingles for the roof
  • Outdoor, water-based, non-toxic paint


  • All products are “ready for retail.”
  • Master carton, inner carton and product hangtag has a UPC bar code & barcode 39 labels. In an easy human readable format.
  • Each product is packed in mail order quality re-shippers made of corrugated cardboard.
  • Products are packed with Styrofoam inserts and enclosed in poly-bags for protection



Signature Series

The Signature Series features the largest and most elaborately decorated pieces. Each piece is topped with rich, western red cedar shingled roofs, these houses and feeders can be paired with a Signature Pedestal.

Classic Series

The Classic Series range of houses and feeders are medium sized pieces that feature pine shingled roofs. These designs have all the qualities of our “Signature” line and many come equipped with a mounting bracket for easy installation.

Fledgling Series

This series showcases a more moderate group of price points; these smaller houses and feeders have all of the birding enthusiast requirements; removable back walls, drainage, ventilation, unpainted interiors and a 1.25” opening.

 Nestling Series

These lower price points; these are the smallest, still fully functional assortment of birdhouses and feeders in a variety of colors and looks. We’ve created beautiful floral prints to this grouping, topped with Western red cedar

Hatchling Series

This series of birdhouses and feeders are offered at opening price points. These lines of whimsical pieces are fully functional and are presented in a variety of patterns and colors. Sure, to bring an extra pop of color into your garden.

Historic Reproductions

Replicas of famous buildings re-created as functional birdhouses and feeders make these garden accents meaningful heirlooms.

Holiday Christmas Birdhouses and Feeders

Our selection of beautifully decorated holiday items is limited for this magical season. This is a great way to expand your selling period with a great gifting opportunity.

Advent Calendars

Countdown the days till Christmas with these wonderful, keepsake designs. Limited


Our products are constructed with exterior grade ply-board, kiln-dried hardwood and exterior grade, non-toxic paint. Pedestals are to be placed on a flat, dry surface such as stone or cement. They should not be put directly on the grass or dirt. We suggest a base of pressure treated wood be put beneath the underside of the pedestal footing or base and then secure the bottom of the pedestals to the platform.

Bird in Hand Collection, Made in America

This Collection of handcrafted birdhouses and feeders are constructed from reclaimed, recycled barn wood, made in America. Each piece has individual characteristics and irregularities, no two pieces are alike. The finishes are a traditional stain which is an earth friendly product. These rustic designs are both functional and decorative.

Backyard Bird Brew

This 4-pack of tasty seed treats will satisfy your favorite backyard birds’ appetite. Bird Brew is made from a blend of nutritious ingredients: white and red proso, sunflower seeds, and non-toxic glue. A burlap hanger makes for easy placement in the backyard, patio or garden. Bird seed “bottles” are crafted by master brewers in the heartland of America in Newport, Arkansas. The ingredients are grown by local farmers in the  White River delta and hand harvested to provide the best quality seed for our avian friends. Backyard Bird Brew comes in a handy 4-pack

Preserving Products

We do not use any chemicals or sealants that can be harmful to wildlife. If you wish to preserve the finish of your birdhouse/feeder, we recommend using a polyurethane product that is recommended for marine use and UV rated that will not discolor the paint. For continuous upkeep re-apply the polyurethane after each season.

All products are produced in China and have been so for the past 20 years.

Weather and Wear

With time, our products will need to be refinished when left outdoors. The cedar shingles will patina to a silvery color and the piece will become weathered and distressed. They will continue to maintain their functionality. You should have the same expectations for our products as you would for a piece of wooden furniture that you have in your yard.


We prefer to ship on third- party UPS or FEDEX ground account.  For shipments that are: “pre-paid and add to invoice” on our UPS account. Home Bazaar is not responsible for extra shipping charges due to incorrect or incomplete addresses or shipments to delivery area surcharge zones.  We charge the public UPS rates.

Drop Shipping

If drop shippers prefer to ship using their UPS or FedEx account, please provide us with the account information during the ordering process.

We ship with a blind invoice as a packing list (no pricing or mention of Home Bazaar) or we can ship using the branded packing list provided to us. Products ship from Farmingdale, NY, 11735 or South San Francisco CA, 94080.

For more shipping details, we can be reached at: orders@homebazaarinc.com


We offer one-year full replacement value warranty.

Home Bazaar Inc. reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee on returns that are charged if the piece is not returned in its original packaging in good condition to be resold.

For items that are being returned to Home Bazaar as damaged, please email orders@homebazaarinc.com  with contact information, proof of purchase and pictures of the damaged item.