Backyard Bird Cottage – Yellow


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This one-of-a-kind birdhouse in yellow features a distinctive wrap-around porch with rear stairs, as well as the traditional front stoop. A gable-covered balcony adorns the front of the house. The Backyard Bird Cottage has two windows on each side, creating depth and interest. Two flower-boxes frame the left-hand side windows and a flower basket hangs over the front porch. The roof, gable, and porch overhang are all covered with pine shingles. There’s even a chimney! A removable back wall, drainage, ventilation, an unpainted interior and a 1. 25 ” hole size will invite nesting birds in and keep larger ones out. Fully functional, This decorative house will lure both people and birds! Item Dimensions: 11″ H X 8 ” W X 9″ D.

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